Tuesday, 21 August 2018

The Danger Of Hiring Freelance Part Time Maid in Singapore

The life in Singapore is quite busy and hectic. Thus, it is not possible for the people to clean the house regularly and keep it tidy all the time. Also being one of the well-developed countries with wide economy, it attracts a lot of immigrant workers from all parts of the world. These workers often work as a freelancer for part time maid jobs. Hiring these freelancers is getting more and more popular these days. But you must avoid hiring them as it comes with a lot of drawbacks. There are some major reasons why you must refrain yourself from hiring these freelance maid.

Dangers Of Hiring Part Time Maid

If you are in Singapore, then you must know that hiring freelance maids working for part time services is quite dangerous. Though the idea and pricing may sound very attractive and luring, should not take a risk. Here are some of the reasons why you should never hire them:

#1: It is Illegal

You must know that hiring a freelance part time maid in Singapore is considered as an illegal activity. So, according to the laws designed by MOM (Ministry of Manpower) hiring such service can attract huge penalties. According to the law, no worker is allowed to work as a part time. Being a house owner, you first have to apply for having a maid for your home to do the works. After your permit is granted, you can hire a maid for the domestic help.

#2: Not Much Reliable

When you are hiring a part time worker for the domestic help, you cannot completely trust that person. This is because she is not permitted to work in this entity. These maids come to your home at a particular time and do their job and leave. But if you are not at home, then either you have to trust them with the keys or reschedule the appointment. Trust takes a lot of time to build and since they are not licensed workers, allowing them to enter your house in your absence is a huge risk. You have to be cautious about this.

#3: No Such Work Experience

Another danger or drawback for hiring a freelance part time domestic help is that you will not find anyone with good experience. Most of the maids working as a freelance in Singapore are inexperienced. Thus, they are not as efficient as the licensed workers. Inefficient maids can be risky as they do not know how to clean the home effectively. Even they can create a bigger mess. Lack of experience can cause many disrupts while working. They may not be a trained worker who can clean your home in a professional way. You should always check for the experience and work permit before you hire any maid for your domestic help.

#4: Adjustment Problems

There can be a lot of adjustment problems when it comes to the freelance part time maid. Relationships take time to build and the maid who is working as a temporary will stay for a very short period of time. Thus, she will not be able to understand what you want or like. It can take years to adjust with each other. There will be a lot of adjustment problems as you are not sure whether or not the maid will follow each and every instruction you will give. It is impossible for you to get your work done from such a person.

#5: Unavailability For Long Period

This is one of the biggest concerns for maximum Singaporeans. Freelance part time maids generally come on specific days. Though it may sound beneficial, it can be quite dangerous for you. In case they are injured or not well, they will be absent for a longer period of time. They will not be available to do the works and it can be a serious problem for the ones who are working. It is seriously frustrating to find out that your maid is not coming after a very hectic day at office. Either you have to do all the work or leave the mess as it is. This unavailability can stay for a long period of time too. But if you hire a maid from a licensed entity with proper work permit, then you can ask them for a replacement.

#6: Unnecessary Harassments

Besides endangering your and your family’s life by hiring part time maid, you are also calling in some unnecessary harassment. If law catches you for appointing such unskilled labors with no work permit then you will have to face legal terms according to the MOM laws No excuses like lack of knowledge can defend you from this case. You will face full force of law against you. This is simply a harassment which you can ignore by appointing maids for domestic help with work permits. Facing the laws and police can never be good for your reputation as well.

Hire The Professional Part Time Maid

Now, you know what the risks and dangers are for appointing a freelance part time maid. Thus, you must avoid this and make sure to appoint someone with proper work permit. It is your duty to ask for their permit papers and licenses before hiring them. You must also examine and cross check them to ensure they are valid and not some false paper work. It is always better to find a reliable, trusted and licensed entity that provides part time maids for domestic help who have proper permits to work in Singapore. These agencies or entities are trustworthy and you can also find it easier to research about them before hiring anyone. Also, in case of fraud or injuries, the agency will be held guilty and not you.

But before you choose a particular agency or service in Singapore who can provide you with an experience, efficient and trusted maid with valid work permit, do your own research. These days, internet has made it easier for people to perform in-depth research about any services or companies. Also, ask for the valid or genuine papers when you are hiring them to avoid any kind of harassments.