Sunday, 17 June 2018

Dry Cleaning Benefits and How to Find a Reliable Service in Singapore

While most people find laundry work to be a time-consuming chore, it is an inevitable task. A majority of individuals particularly those with tight schedules can’t find enough time to do laundry. The tough economy prompts most Singaporeans to spend most of their time at work. However, professional dry cleaning and laundry services have aided in alleviating this hassle. Some of the dry
cleaning service providers clean clothes and deliver them at the owner’s doorstep. Dry cleaning and laundry service comes with several benefits such as:

• Time Saving
Those who are caught in work and can’t get the time to do personal cleaning and laundry chores enjoy the prompt and convenient service of dry cleaning companies. It ensures that one never misses important business or official event due to unwashed clothes. Most cleaners would pick up, clean and then deliver the clothes to owners. It means one doesn’t have to ponder about traveling for long distances to have their clothes cleaned. It saves time thus allowing them to focus on other critical and pressing tasks.

• Environmentally Friendly
Dry cleaning involves the use of organic solvents that soften and clean fabrics. It is far much different from casual cleaning. First, the clothes are inspected to see if there’re problems such as missing zippers and buttons. They are then labelled to avoid mix up. They are also sorted according to colours and texture before they are pre-treated. The clothes are cleaned professionally till there’s no dirt left. The clothes are loaded and right solvents are used to get rid of specific dirt and stains. There is little to no use of water in the process which means it is a smart way of promoting nature’s conservation.

• Tough Stains are Removed
Some stubborn stains and odour can be hard to remove through hand washing. However, dry cleaning provides intensive cleaning which aids to remove the even the toughest of all stains. Children clothes are the ones that contain tough stains since kids play a lot. They are always full of chemicals and food stains. In dry cleaning, a broad range of cleaning solvents are used to get rid of tough stains fast.

Most dry cleaners in Singapore have the experience to remove harsh stains from curtains, clothes and even carpets. Besides, they understand how to remove stains without destroying the colour or texture of the clothes. The process is less abrasive particularly those that involve the use of greener cleaning products. Most dry cleaners in Singapore pay close attention to clothes’ cleaning requirements before they commence their cleaning. This can help in extending the life of the garments as opposed to traditional cleaning.

• It is Super-Convenient
Being able to drop off or have one’s clothes picked up, cleaned, ironed, folded and starched in safety bags then delivered to doorstep is an added convenience. It is very suitable for those who have very busy schedules and are overwhelmed with work. It is great for large homes with many kids. The good thing about Singapore dry cleaners is that they are available any time they’re requested. Additionally,
they can handle large-item cleaning like slipcovers, area rugs, comforters and drapes and much more. Cleaning such items by hand can be a big hassle.

• Clothes Preservation

Clothes such as christening gowns, wedding gowns and family heirlooms require special preservation. This helps to prolong their useful lives for several years. Alongside preservation, dry cleaners in Singapore also offer garment restoration. The service is ideal for garments that need delicate care.

How to find the best Dry Cleaners in Singapore

Finding a reliable dry cleaning service in Singapore should never be a headache. There are several dry cleaning companies to consider but it is essential to hire the reliable ones. Before signing a deal with any dry cleaner, it is good to evaluate:

• The Type of Services they Offer
A cleaner that provides one-stop shop for all the cleaning needs of clients is worth considering. Great cleaners go beyond clothing. They provide other cleaning services such as mattress cleaning, curtains cleaning, wedding gowns, heirlooms and carpet and more, the company to choose should meet the needs and preferences of the customers. Apart from dry cleaning, other cleaners go further to iron and package the clothes for their clients.

• Price
Cleaning prices vary from one company to another. When choosing a company with a comprehensive
list of dry cleaning services, it is also great to ensure that their prices are affordable and reasonable. One should ask if the company includes pickup and delivery charges on their laundry prices or not. Other offer free pickup and delivery services. Therefore, it is imperative to make price comparison and type of services offered to get the best deal.

• Cleaning Methods Used
Different clothes require different cleaning methods. A company that employs modern cleaning solutions and pays close attention to clothes’ cleaning requirements is worth the task. Some clothes can shrink, fade or get damaged when cleaned wrongly. The type of cleaning methods used by a company should be safe and less abrasive. Clients should emphasize on hiring a dry cleaner that stays updated on the latest fabric and cleaning technologies. The success of any dry cleaning task depends on the equipment used. Modern and sophisticated equipment provide efficient and quick cleaning

• Convenience

A cleaner that is located far away might not be the best for the job. Pickup and delivery times might take long. Besides, such cleaners might be inconvenient to work with especially during an emergency. Therefore, when finding a good cleaner, it is great to consider their location.

• Reliability
A majority of the cleaners in Singapore offer hassle-free booking through online or in the form of SMS or email. Besides, they provide fast and efficient dry cleaning solutions. Those that take too long to clean might not be good for busy individuals. Reading through testimonials of past clients can help one to understand reliability of a cleaner.


Dry cleaning comes with lots of benefits. It saves time, adds convenience, is environmentally friendly and aids in removing tough stains. However, for effective cleaning, one should consider finding a reliable dry cleaner in Singapore. When finding a great cleaning service, one should go for quick,
efficient and affordable solutions.