Thursday, 7 December 2017

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Maid

You must have heard of the cases where maids have mistreated the children who they were supposed to take care of in the first place, those who have stolen items such as money, jewelry among other valuables from their employers among other vices. You do not want to be part of the people who have had negative experiences with their maids. Choosing the maid to hire in Singapore is a very important step in ensuring you only opt for the best there is taking into consideration that these maids start as total strangers.

Interviewing a maid is not easy. Preparing the right question and being able to tell the level of honesty from the potential maid is of great importance. This will determine who you will end up with. You do not want to spend money paying a maid who is not performing in accordance to your expectations.

It is therefore important that you ask the right questions in order to have a maid who is trustworthy and honest and will not organize a robbery incident within your home, polite and humble to your children and other visitors within your home, hardworking and motivated to make your house look neat and organized. Maid agencies also play a big role in helping you get a good maid very fast.

Some of the tips on choosing the best maid include:

Ask Important Preliminary Questions

As you begin your interview, it is important to create an environment where you are likely to receive honest an detailed answers from your potential maid. create a relaxed environment by first knowing exactly who you are dealing with.

These questions should not be too personal. This will increase the chances of getting the exact answers you want hence settling on the right maid for your home. In this category you can ask questions such as:

Tell me about yourself.
This question gives the potential maid to tell you their name, age and a bit on their background like where they were born and brought up, likes and dislikes among other important aspects about themselves. Depending on your specific needs, you can have other follow up questions so as to obtain the best responses.

What kind of employer are you looking for?

The potential maid is able to tell you about their expectation. You are then able to gauge whether the potential maid is able to anticipate the responsibilities expected of them. The answers must be satisfactory. Where you have your doubts, it is advisable to move onto the next interviewee.

 Are you familiar with this area?
You do not want to deal with a maid who will take a very long period of time getting familiar to the area of work. It is important to opt for one that already knows the area and will take a very short period of time to settle.

Inquire About Work Experience

Different families will be having different priorities as far as hiring a maid is concerned. With this in mind, it is important to have questions that will be geared towards getting the exact maid you want. Some of the questions meant to get the experience of the maid include:

Are you able to make food for a given family?
This question is especially important where you expect the maid to make food for your family. You can find out the size of the family that they can comfortably cook for. Gauge if that is what you need. Where your family members prefer a special food, it is important to find out if they can prepare that specific meal.

Do you have experience with kids?
Where you have children, it is important to get a maid who can properly take care of these kids depending on their ages. This becomes even more important where you have a newborn baby.

Set scenarios that may happen in your home in your absence as far as the children are concerned and find out how the potential maid is likely to handle the situation.

What is your experience handling senior citizens?
This is very important especially where you are hiring a maid for your parents. Find out if the will be able handle your parents in the best way possible.

Which cleaning experiences do you have?

A clean home is of great value to your family. Find out if the potential maid can properly clean the various areas within your home. Inquire if they can clean your driveway, house floor, counter tops among other areas. Find out if they can clean special appliances that you have at your home or the ability to use special cleaning appliances. You do not want to have accidents that result from electric appliances. You also need to know if they have the ability to do laundry as required.

Employment History
It important to find out more on their previous employment history. The questions you should ask include:

Have you worked as a maid before?This will give you an idea whether the potential maid have had a work experience and will be able to handle the challenges that may come as a result of working within your home.

Why did you leave your previous employer?This is a very important question. This is because there may be cases where the maid may have left under very questionable circumstances. You need to gauge the honesty of the response to this question. You may end up having someone with criminal record if you do not treat this question with the priority it deserves.

Any Other Special Skills
apart from cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, there are also other skills your maid needs to have. To find out if they have these skills, you need to ask questions such as:

Do you have first aid skills?

There may be cases that require the maid to have these skills. These include cases where the kids may have accidental burns, bleeding or a fall. These skills will increase the level of safety within your home.

Do you have financial literacy skills?
This may range from the ability to manage their own finances to making family budget for your home where needed. Inquire on their ability to do proper shopping within your home.

Can you assist the kids with their homework?
There may be cases where your kids need help with their school work. The ability of your maid to do this on your behalf should work to your advantage.


These questions when hiring a maid in Singapore may vary from one household to another. It is important to ask ones that are relevant to your home. Start with many potential maids. Using these questions, you are then able to settle on the best maid for your home.