Saturday, 19 August 2017

Job Scopes Of A Part Time Cleaner

In a fast paced city like Singapore where people are already struggling to maintain a work and life balance, finding time to keep their homes or offices spotless can be a far dream. Most of us are exhausted by the end of the day, and there’s nothing as depressing as finding dirty dishes in the sink. In these scenarios, the services of a part time cleaner can come in handy. Not only does it guarantee your privacy, but it is also convenient and much more affordable than a full time cleaner.

Whether you’re looking to hire a part time cleaner or you’re an individual looking to venture into the trade for some extra cash, here’s what a part time cleaner job entails:

But first, what are the different types of part-time cleaners in Singapore?

Types of part-time cleaners

There are three types of part-time cleaners allowed to work legally in Singapore. This includes:

> Local freelancers who are Singaporean.
> Freelancers who are permanent residents.
> Foreign workers attached to a cleaning services agency.

Have a friend with a foreign domestic worker (FDW) that seems efficient? Think twice before hiring their services. Hiring someone else’s FDW to do part-time work at your home or business is illegal in Singapore.

A full time domestic helper doing some part-time cleaning jobs on the side or a person living in Singapore on a social visit pass with a part-time cleaning job, are often working illegally. It is important to verify if a part-time cleaner is legal before hiring them.

What are the job scope of part-time cleaners?

Whether they are assigned to an office or a house cleaning job, a part time cleaner is involved in various activities that maintain a healthy, tidy environment. While their job scope may vary depending on the requirements, here are some typical tasks for a part-time cleaner:

Cleaning, sweeping or vacuum and mopping floors
This task usually depends on the cleaning tools available, which are either provided by the client, an agency or the local freelancer. For instance, a hired cleaner may simply sweep if there’s no vacuum cleaner available, and choose to follow it up with mopping.

Wiping kitchen surfaces
This involves removing clutter from the table tops, and scrubbing the stove and countertops clean.

Dishwashing and arrangement
This involves washing dishes and cutlery, emptying and wiping the sink and ensuring the dishes are appropriately arranged.

Cleaning the interior and exterior of windows, mirrors and doors. 
This is typically done on a periodic basis, as windows, mirrors and doors take time before they are dirty again.

Dusting surfaces
This involves wiping of furniture, fittings and table tops.

Ironing and folding clothing
Some part-time helpers may include laundry in their cleaning packages, which usually involves leaving clothes neatly folded or ironed.

Cleaning the oven, stove, refrigerator, and cooker hoods
A part-time cleaner can make it their job to scrub away spills, baked-on grease, grime and splatter. However, because leaving a fridge germ-free or an oven grease-free is a labor-intensive job, a cleaner may charge a higher rate for this task. On the other hand, a client in need of this service may also require someone who is physically fit.

Where appropriate, part-time cleaners also perform tasks such as:

> Dusting shelves and cabinet interiors
> Cleaning and polishing mirrors
> Washing and disinfecting toilets, sinks, bathtub and basin
> Scrubbing and washing of toilet floors and walls
> Emptying trash bins
> Changing linens and making the bed
> Wiping and cleaning ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Note that the job scope of a part time home or office cleaner issued by an agency is often limited to a few of the above tasks, while a freelance cleaner can offer services tailor-made to a client’s needs that go beyond the above basic tasks.

Working hours

Part-time cleaners only work part-time. This means they have flexible schedules and choose job options based on their availability, location preference and number of working days or hours required. Most cleaners can work 4 hours a day a couple of days a week or just on the weekends.

How much do part-time cleaners earn?

The amount of money an individual can earn on a part-time gig is dependent on a few factors:

Whether they are a local freelancer or attached to an agency.
Each of these options comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. While a local freelancer has the luxury and flexibility of negotiating their rates with clients, the rates of a part-time cleaner outsourced from an agency are usually fixed and generally higher.

For instance, local freelancers can charge between $10 and $20 an hour, while the rates of part-time cleaners attached to an agency, range from $10 to $30 per hour.

Job scope and cleaning area space
Part-time cleaners usually charge based on job scope or the size of the office or home to be cleaned. Obviously, the larger the space or the more complex the cleaning requirements are, the higher the rates per hour.

Frequency of cleaning 
Local freelancers can decide to charge based on the number of days they work for a client or by the hour.

Weekday or weekend part-time cleaning
A cleaner working on weekends is more likely to earn more than if they were working on a weekday. Rates on the weekends are usually higher, because of the increased demand and limited supply of part-time workers.

What are the job experiences and qualifications part-time cleaners require?

Education qualifications:
Part-time cleaning is mostly an entry level job that requires little to no educational qualifications. Most clients do however prefer Singaporeans who can communicate in English, in order to understand the cleaning requirements of the job requested.

Previous house cleaning or housekeeping experience is an advantage but basic cleaning skills are often adequate.

As a part-time cleaner you must be willing to learn how to handle cleaning equipment. Training in the handling of cleaning materials and cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaner, floor polisher is vital. Not only is it good for your safety, but it also allows you to properly do any office or house cleaning.

Physical fitness
While you don’t need to be lifting weights, office and house cleaning sometimes involve some heavy lifting to access those hard-to-reach areas, during your cleaning. Thus you need to be physically able to at least lift furniture or appliances.