Thursday, 22 June 2017

How To Keep Window Grill Dust Free

A clean and neat home will provide you and your family stimulus and refreshment. In order to get a complete finishing look and keep your home perfectly clean it is important to pay attention to details in each and every corner. Among all places in your home, windows and in particular window grills are the areas most exposed to the environmental pollution and outside dust. For this reason, for a beautiful and healthy home, it is a key priority to keep your windows and especially your window grills clean. 

Well-cleaned window grills will make your home appear more appealing by projecting a pleasant look. Clean window grills and window pane will also keep your home hygienic. However, home cleaning and in particular cleaning window grills is not always an easy task. While you can usually easily clean your window pane, you need to apply some extra tips and tricks in order to you’re your window grills cleaning task easier:

• Periodic maintenance – Grilles are directly subjected to environmental elements such as moisture, dust, water, light, and so on. Being usually fixed on the windows’ outside, grills are also constantly exposed to stress due to the temperature variations. Like any other home item, upkeep and maintenance of the window grilles is periodically required.

• Dust trapping – Keeping your window grilles free from dusts and clean may seem difficult, but it could be, in fact, quite easy when done correctly. Dust could look pretty unsightly, especially for white powder coated aluminium grills of lattice design that are found in some Singaporean houses and apartments. Wrought iron grilles that feature intricate designs are also particularly prone to dust trapping in their curls and turns.

• Brushing – In order to clean these window grills from dusts you may use a brushing method. For purpose, use a soft bristle brush to clean the dirt and dust attached to the window grills. You may use a soft cloth or a duster for this task. It is highly recommended that you first removing dust from the grills before washing them with water or wiping them. In order to make the cleaning process easier, this is a very important tip to remember.

• Wiping – After you finished the task of brushing off the dusts from your window grills, you may proceed to the next step, which is wiping. For this purpose, apply a mild solution of detergent on the grills, then start to gently wipe off it by using a cloth. Take care to not scratch the grills’ surface of paint. For wiping your window grills you may use a cotton cloth or an old sock. If the dust is really sticky you may use some strong detergents.

• Vinegar and water – If your window grills are not too dusty, you may use vinegar and water solution for cleaning them. This solution can be very effective and has the additional advantage that won’t leave any spots or marks on your grills, unlike detergent or soap. The homemade vinegar and water cleaning solution is effective, economical, and environmentally friendly. You can prepare it by mixing one part of vinegar with two parts of water.

• No abrasives – Take care to not use any abrasives to remove sticky materials and clean the window grills. Abrasives may spoil the whole look because they could leave scratches on your windows. Try to determine instead what the nature of the sticky material is and then find some counteracting materials that could remove it.

• Sock gloves – Instead of using a cloth for wiping the window grills you may try wearing on your hand a cotton sock. Your task of wiping the grills will become much easier this way. Especially when there is less dirt or dusts on the window grills, this is very effective.

• Cotton gloves – You may also use cotton gloves for wiping away any remaining grime and dusts once the grills have been dusted with a brush. Concentrate especially on the grime still sitting on wires of the grille. It is easier to use fingers wearing cotton gloves in order to reach those small areas between the grilles.

• How water – An excellent way to remove sticky materials or oil from the window grills consists in using hot water. Especially when you clean your kitchen windows grills or window pane, this is particularly helpful. Wipe your window grills with a cotton cloth soaked in hot water.

• No chemicals – In order to remove dusts from your window grills you do not need to use any harsh chemicals. Especially if you have an iron window grill that has the tendency to rust, it is strongly recommended to avoid strong chemicals. Wherever possible, it is better to use only mild detergent instead.

• Feather brushes – A soft feather brush can be a perfect tool for cleaning dirt and dust from any kind of grill. Soft feather brushes are very effective in eliminating any dirt that settled on the grille while protecting the grill surface as well as the window pane from scratching. A soft feather brush could be very helpful especially while cleaning stainless steel mesh grills because it can easily penetrate through the small holes in order to remove dirt effortlessly. This operation won’t be possible with a regular brush or bare hands.

• Reuse old toothbrushes – For hard to reach areas such as tracks of sliding door frames, the corners of the grill, etc, getting grime and dust off such places could be more difficult. You may use and old toothbrush for cleaning such hard to reach places. If you only have to clean dusts, you may simply brush off the dirt with a dry toothbrush. For moulds and stains, you may rub them off with a toothbrush dipped in a cleaning solution. The small head of the toothbrush is able to reach deep inside.

By following these simple tips you can keep your window grill dust free. It is recommended to don’t be afraid to take an unconventional approach to cleaning your window grills. Reusing everyday items and using chemical free cleaning solutions provide an economical and easy answer to all your window grill cleaning needs. By keeping your window grills neat, your home will look more appealing.