Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Pros of Having One Instead of a Full-Time House Helper

When chores get a little bit too overwhelming at home and you just couldn’t seem to find enough balance with your work, personal life and family duties, then maybe it’s time to get the services of a maid who can help lessen your burden. 

A cleaning maid in general can help you manage and finish tasks especially when it concerns helping you carry out all your chores at home. Not only will it spare you the headache of trying to clean up your mess, but it will also help you free some time for other things that warrant your energy and attention. 

Compared to full time house helpers, the services of part time maids are getting more and more popular by the day for plenty of reasons. Knowing the benefits that go along with their services can open your mind into hiring one especially if it fits your needs, budget and work preference. 

Benefits of Hiring a Part Time Maid

1. It is economical.
Compared to full time maids, you can save up a lot of money by paying only for the number of hours worked for. Part time maids work relentlessly on a certain time period given to them on a day, hence, you are sure that the money you paid for are all centered on finishing tasks spent without idling. 

2. It is practical. 
You wouldn’t need a maid 24/7 and having one at home can take a scrape on your budget for a service that wouldn’t even be required around the clock. Plus, you would be shouldering additional expenses such as food, electricity usage and an extra room. A part time maid wouldn’t require any of these. 

3. You can finish some tasks on your own. 
Admit it, not all the time you need a maid to help you carry out all your tasks. Sometimes, you can finish them on your own without any assistance. Hence, a part time made can help you carry out your tasks but only those which you can’t manage to accomplish by yourself. 

4. Part time maids don’t need room-in space. 
Having a full time maid would mean setting aside a particular room for her to use. This is a challenge especially if your home doesn’t have that additional room-in space. Meanwhile, you can go for a part time helper who can just go to your home based on your appointment and let her leave in the evening after all the work has been done. 

5. The services of a part time maid is flexible.
Many agencies offering part time maid services usually recommend house helpers based on the time you need them in your home. All you need to do is just book for an appointment according to your need and availability. Eventually, the maid will appear outside your place without any hassles and delays.

6. You can secure your items well. 
There are times in a day when you need to go out of your home to work or attend to some personal needs, leaving the entire house upon the responsibility of a maid. This may cause serious trust issues especially if you don’t know the other person well enough to even leave your home on their care. This also spares you instances of theft and other kinds of unlikely incidents. A part time maid can work under your supervision especially if you want to supervise while cleaning. 

7. You have more privacy alone. 
You can move around your home without the fear or awkwardness of having someone see you in your flimsy attire, or even carry out activities that are best done alone without anybody else around.

How to Choose the Right Maid

· Recommended by the agency. It is an agency’s job to background check all their maid applicants before even sending them over to your home. You will be rest assured that with a proper recommendation, your chances of being ripped off or committed a crime against is very small. Plus, these maids have licenses and documents to prove their identity.

· Complements your budget. The more time required for the maid to help you finish all your tasks, the more expensive it is for you to pay for the service amount as the clock continue to tick. Hence, make sure you know the fixed rate per hour before getting for the services of one to prevent going beyond your budget.

· Offers expertise on the tasks that you need. Not all maids are experts on everything. Hence, it would really help to choose the one that is highly knowledgeable on the specific task you want to get done. Someone who knows how to cook can be a good plus especially if you want to prepare your kid’s lunch compared to a maid who doesn’t know how to do it very well. 

· Has enough experience on house-keeping. A maid who has been on the industry for a long time already has the established experience needed to complete tasks on a limited period of time and even multi-task if need be. 

· Came from an agency of good reputation. An agency that has been firmly established and has shown a good range of name on the industry has a higher standard when it comes to accepting maid applicants who want to offer their services.This spares you the fear of ending up with someone not trustworthy and knowledgeable enough to keep your home clean.

Part Time Maid Guide: A Run-Down

If you are someone who wants
· privacy
· someone to help you finish tasks at home
· a more affordable fee for a house helper
· someone to clean your home while you’re around
· someone who came from a reputable agency 
· someone you can trust to finish task within a certain period of time

Then it’s time for you to choose a part time maid compared to someone who will work full time. This way, you can always have someone at your beck and call without all the intrusive and expensive fees associated with a full time house helper.

You can always ask for some recommendations from the agency for someone who can help you finish a particular task. This way, you are guaranteed with the quality of service offered by a particular part time maid.