Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Best Possible Ways to Clean Your Chandelier

Chandeliers are well-known for being intricate, beautiful and luxurious. It is also one of the reasons why just thinking about cleaning them is stressful. It takes a lot of time, work and precision to clean a chandelier but if one does it properly, it can feel very rewarding. The end result would surely be stunning. To know how to effectively and efficiently clean a chandelier, keep on reading.

How To Clean a Chandelier Using the Dry Method

You wont have to worry about any dried moisture left into the crystals of your chandelier or from a little bit of water seeping through the electric components of your light bulbs. You can clean and polish them without the use of liquid solutions.

You just have to gather the following materials:

* A ladder
* A minimum of three microfiber cloths
* Windex or any brand of glass cleaner

The cleaning process:
Make sure that you switch off the light and wait until the bulbs are starting to cool off before beginning with the cleaning process;* Set your ladder up and make sure that it is standing on a flat surface. Also, see to it that it is high enough to reach and work on the chandelier comfortably;* Start with the top most part of the chandelier and then work your way down with the fixture. The best way to do it is to move from the top to the bottom and then inside and out;* Spray Windex on your dry cloth. Wipe each one of the glasses;* Use the other two of your dry cloths to wipe and polish off the cleaned glass;* Replace or clean the microfiber cloths as soon as they become dirty;* Repeat the process until everything is cleaned and polished.

How to Clean a Chandelier Using the Wet Method

This is a much faster method in cleaning your chandelier but it would take a bit more of your time to prepare the set-up.

Below are the materials you will be needing:

* A ladder
* Plastic sandwich bags
* Rubber bands
* A tarp or plastic sheeting
* A chandelier cleaner

The cleaning process:
Make sure the light bulbs are switched off and left to cool before starting the cleaning process;* Spread the sheeting or tarp under the chandelier. This will ensure that the drips wont make a mess on the floor;* Set your ladder up and make sure that it is stable;* Climb up the ladder;* Secure every individual light bulbs with the plastic bags. Wrap it around the fixture - just right beneath each light bulb and tightly secure it with the rubber band;* Spray the entire chandelier with the chandelier cleaner and make sure that every angle of the chandelier has been sprayed on;* Let the chandelier drip until it’s dry;* Remove the sheeting or tarp carefully.

How to Clean a Chandelier: Piece by Piece

Cleaning the chandelier piece by piece is the most through cleaning method possible. The entire process would require you to take out each piece of the chandelier, therefore you need to take the whole chandelier apart. You would also need to hand wash all of the individual pieces. Here is how:

The materials you will be needing are:

* A ladder
* A thick blanket
* Pencil
* Paper
* A digital camera - optional
* A mild dish detergent
* Very hot water
* Plastic colander
* Lint-free cloth

The cleaning process:
Never start the cleaning process until you are sure that the lights are turned off. Wait until the bulbs are cool;

* Set the ladder in a stable surface;
* Put a folded or thick blanket under the chandelier to cushion and catch the pieces that may fall;
* Before you start disassembling the chandelier, take pictures of the fixture from every angle so you wont have a hard time putting it all back together. This is an optional step but it is highly recommended to avoid confusion. If you do not have a digital camera, you can just use a piece of paper and a pencil and sketch the major design of the chandelier. If possible, include the minutest details. This will serve as a reminder as soon as it is time for you to re-assemble it;
* It is now time for you to remove all the pieces. Do it one piece after the other and lay them all out on the blanket carefully;
* As soon as you have removed all the pieces, transfer a portion of it into the plastic colander;* Rinse it with the water you just boiled;
* Pour in a little amount of the mild detergent you purchased;
* Continue rinsing the pieces until all the detergent has been washed off;
* Lay all the washed pieces into the lint-free cloth and let it dry;
* Do the same process with the other portion of the pieces left uncleaned;
* Make sure that all the components have been washed;
* Allow the pieces to air dry and polish it using a lint-free cloth;
* Reassemble the chandelier.

Additional Advices and Tips:

* If possible, look up on the internet the website of the chandelier’s manufacturer. They may be able to provide specific cleaning tips on the chandelier model that you got from them.

* Vinegar can act as an alternative to dish detergent, although it is not wise to use it on brass or metal pieces because it may cause it to rust.a

* Clean the metal elements of your chandelier using a polish made specifically for the type of metal your chandeliers come with it. There are special cleaners dedicated solely to each type of metal. If you want more information regarding this matter, look it up on Google and search for metal cleaners.
* To get the best results, dust the chandelier before starting with the cleaning process. This will also make your work much easier and less stressful.

* Put on some music to liven up your mood while cleaning because the entire process could take not less than thirty minutes to an hour.

* As soon as it is time for you to piece back all the parts of the chandelier, start working from the inside. Work your way out and put back the center pieces together first. This will make the entire re-assembling process easier and faster.

* Dust the light bulbs for the last time as soon as you are finished.

* Turn the chandelier on as soon as you are done. This is to test out if your work is successful.