Sunday, 10 January 2016

4 Ways To Remove Rust Stains On Toilet Bowl

Hygiene is very much important when it comes to washroom and bathroom. That is why you need to keep it clean and healthy all the time. But while cleaning you often forget about the rust stains in your toilet. These stains have no bad effect on anyone’s health but of course it does not look good. When you bathroom is crystal clean and tidy, these stains can decrease the beauty. In Singapore, the weather is very hot and humid. Due to excessive moisture present in the air, rust stain is more common. So, here are some of the ways by which you can remove these stains.

There are 4 ways by which you can remove these stains from your toilet bowls. It consists of both home remedies and also requirement of some chemicals or sticks. You can choose anyone of them according to your own convenience to make sure that the stains are gone. So, here are the 4 effective ways to remove the stain –

#1: Using Pumice Stick
This is one of the most effective ways to clean the rust stain from commodes. For this you will simply need a pair of rubber gloves, water, elbow grease and the pumice stick itself. You need to wear the rubber gloves as that is very important. Though it is not compulsory but still when you are working inside the toilet, you should take the extra protection against the germs. So, you must wear a pair of rubber gloves in order to avoid any kind of contacts with the germs.

After wearing the rubber gloves, you have to take out the pumice stick. Now, first of all you have to wash the stick and moisten it with water. Then keep on rubbing over the stained areas in your toilet. Make sure that you rub it very gently so that it does not harm your toilet bowl. Rub it till the rust stains are gone. Once the stain is removed, you can have to clean it with the water. So, rinse it with some water and you will get the clean and clear toilet bowl back.

#2: Salt And Lemons
One of the most natural and effective ways to remove rust stain from toilet bowls is the leon and salt mixture. This method is a proven method and has been used for decades in almost every household. This is a simple process where you will not need any additional tools or equipments. The two things needed are lemon and salt. These are the two things that are present in every household. So, you can remove the stain anytime mixing these two things.

You have to mix these two things together and then apply it on the toilet bowl. You have to squeeze the lemons over the salt. Then let the mixture be there on the stain for overnight. This will help the stain to remove from the toilet. After the night, rinse the toilet thoroughly with water. You will see that all the stains are gone and the toilet is crystal clear. This will definitely make your toilet bowl looks better.

#3: Use Chemicals To Remove
There are many chemicals available online and even in the stores as well which are great for removing stains. You need to a proper research on which chemical will be the best for you to use. This will also give you a great knowledge about whether or not that chemical will help you to remove the stains from the toilet bowls. So, first of all you have to buy that chemical from the market along with a toilet brush or pad for applying the chemicals. Also, gloves are important as the reason is mentioned above.

You have to squirt the chemical cleaner around the toilet bowl especially on the stains. Then allow this cleaner to set for an hour. Then take a scrubber pad or toilet brush and scrub it off. Be gentle while scrubbing and make sure that the stain goes off totally. The rinse thoroughly with the water or flush it to rinse it properly. The chemical cleaner has to be washed off thoroughly as if it comes in contact with skin then it can have harmful side effects. So, rinse twice or thrice to ensure that not even a bit of cleaner is left on the toilet bowl.

#4: Vinegar And Baking Soda
This is another most effective home remedy for removing rust stains from the toilet bowl. These are again two most commonly found things in every household – vinegar and baking soda. Here also, you will not need any kind of tools but a scrubber that almost everyone has in their house. You have to make a paste of these two ingredients mixing both. Then rub this paste on the stains over the toilet bowl. Keep it like that for about a day or overnight. You can even use the vinegar only as citric acid by spraying it over the stain.

Once the time is over, scrub the stain. You can see the rust stain will come out easily. After scrubbing this you will be able to wash off or rinse it with the help of water. Since these are natural elements and not any harsh chemicals, you will remain safe with no chances of any kind of side effects. You will see that all the stains are gone and your toilet bowl will look as clean as a new one. This is a simple process which does not need much tools and equipments either.

So, these are the 4 ways by which you can get rid of the stains of rust from your toilet bowls. The natural methods are the best ones as you can get all the ingredients from your kitchen only. If you do not want the natural remedies then also the other two ways are really very effective and easy to do. You can get a crystal clear toilet bowl without any rust stain within a day if you follow these steps properly. Also, make sure that whenever the process is done, you are cleaning the bowl thoroughly with the water.