Wednesday, 16 December 2015

16 Reasons To Hire Professional Carpet Cleaner For The New Year

When another year goes by, it's always a great opportunity to get together with your family, eat something good, and keep each other updated on what's going on in your lives. However, this is a busy season, and you're probably going to have to go through a ton of preparations, so who has time to clean that ugly-looking stain on the carpet?

Actually, there are at least 16 reasons to hire a professional carpet cleaner for the New Year:

1. Time is of the essence

This is such an important point that it needs to be repeated times and times again. Just think of all the tasks you need to do: cooking the meal, go gift-shopping, decorate the room, as well as a myriad of other things. But if you decide to hire a professional carpet cleaner, you get to save time in an instant!

2. Stress relief

Time is not the only problem. If you know that your carpet needs cleaning (especially if guests are coming over), dealing with the problem is not only time-consuming, but also the root cause of a lot of psychological stress. Why not let a professional carpet cleaning team take the worries off your shoulders?

3. Expertise

You might invest a lot of hours into cleaning your carpet, but if you don't already have a lot of experience cleaning carpets, you're going to have questionable results. On the other hand, by hiring an experienced team, you're going to get the best results possible and a shining clean carpet to brag about in front of your guests.

4. Affordable price

Because professional carpet cleaning services are so affordable, there's really no reason to do it yourself. Sure, you could go through the hurdles of doing it manually, but why ruin your holidays with such a dreadful chore if you can simply pay someone else to do it without it having to cost a small fortune?

5. Experience sharing

The experts you're about to hire have all seen a lot of difficult challenges when it comes to carpet cleaning, and they are willing to share their knowledge with you if you just ask. That way, you will learn a helpful thing or two if you ever decide to tackle the challenge yourself.

6. Flexible schedules

Because thi is a one-time service, you are free to arrange a time and date that will suit you both, so you will never feel in a hurry. These types of services tend to be very flexible, and the service providers will come by whenever you want to.

7. 24/7 hotline

Any reputable cleaning company is always reachable 24/7, so you can call in at any time, whether it be from your home, your office, or anywhere else. If you prefer just sending them an email, you are free to do that as well, and they will likely get back to you with a free quote and a proposed time and date.

8. Ease of mind

A lot of festivity tends to go on during the holidays, and it's really not that uncommon for someone spilling drinks or dropping food on your carpet. That's why it's good to know that you always have a professional carpet cleaning team to cover your back, so you can devote your time to more important things and enjoy the holidays in peace.

9. Different carpets require different cleaning methods

Even though most carpets tend to look the same on the surface, they are actually made of different materials, which require different kinds of cleaning methods. By trying to do it all yourself, you could even damage your carpet, and that's something you clearly want to avoid at all costs.

10. Moisture removal

Most people tend to leave moisture in their carpets when they are done cleaning it. This, however, is not the best thing to do, because moisture that hasn't been dried tends to become a breeding ground for mold which could even damage your health. Professional carpet cleaning service providers, on the other hand, will perform low-moisture cleaning on your carpet, so you won't have to worry about it.

11. Professional cleaning tools

Cleaning a carpet requires a set of professional cleaning tools, and chances are you don't exactly have those kinds of tools in your household.

12. Get your carpet clean even if you're away

You can hire the service providers to come to a remote location, as long as you provide them with a way to access the building. That way, you can get the work done even if you're not there to oversee them working. However, that is completely optional. As a matter of fact, a lot of people like to be present when strangers are entering their home. Still, it's good to have the option available.

13. Sanitizing

Did you know there are a lot of germs hidden inside the carpet that could pose a potential threat to your health? By choosing to work with a professional service provider, you will make sure that these germs are eradicated. This is especially important if you have kids who spend a lot of time playing on the carpet.

14. 100% satisfaction guarantee

Most service providers are more than happy to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that they will even come back to do a second cleaning for free if you have some problems with the carpet after they're done. This ensures that you receive a quality service.

15. Similar services

Most carpet cleaning service providers also specialize in other types of cleaning, so if you're having them come over, why not take advantage of their other services, so you can kill two birds with one stone? Your home will certainly feel the strain of people coming over during the New Year, so a more thorough cleanup might be necessary anyway.

16. Increase the resistance of your carpet

Most of the professional carpet cleaning experts will actually make your carpet more resistant to stains after they are done cleaning. This is because of the special chemicals they use, and these can penetrate your carpet on a micro level to make it stronger, more resistant, and preserve its natural beauty.

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